Maharashtra Ration card

Food, Civil, and Consumer Protection Department of the Government of Maharashtra is the department that caters to the Public Distribution System and other related activities in the state. Maharashtra government introduced a tri-color smart ration card. There are three types of Rations cards that are issued to the citizens of the state.

These ration cards are issued on the basis of the income level of the families. The detail of each ration card is shared as under-

Yellow Ration Card- Yellow ration cards are issued to the families that fall under the Below Poverty Line (BPL)
Saffron Ration Card- Saffron Ration Cards are issued to households having income more than Rs.15000/- and less than one lakh per annum.
White Ration Card- White ration cards are issued to families having an annual income of Rs.1 lakh and above.

This app has the following facilities:-

1. Maharashtra Ration Card Application Form- Eligibility Requirements
2. Ration subsidy scheme
3. Maharashtra Ration Card Application Process
4. How to Apply for Maharashtra Ration Card?
5. Documents Required for Maharashtra Ration Card Application
6. How to Check Maharashtra Ration Card Status Online?
7. Change in the Ration Card
8. Decrease in the units (Name deletion)
9. Application for Duplicate Ration Card
10. Online Compliant register
11. Check your complete ration card details online.
12. Know your ration card status.



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