NAADA KACHERI (ನಾಡಕಚೇರಿ)

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No need to bribe to get caste and income certificate, Don’t have to stand in line, learn how to apply online So far, only the Nadakari and the Tahsildar office have received caste, income, and resident certificates, which have caused the public to be forced to line up the bell. A lot of times the situation had to be bribed. There are ten castes, income, and resident certificates that are required to get leave for school, to get fee deductions, to avail various departments, to get scholarships, to get BPL, APL cards, to pay salaries, and to pay taxes.

For the first time in the country, the state government has applied for these certificates to cut back on all these problems.

This is why our state’s villagers visit every household and register over 4 crore people, 80 lakhs of caste, income, and resident confirmation online.




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